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Our Mission

Promoting our culture

Our mission is to promote Dominica’s wonderful culture using our national wear and our traditional dances and cultural music. When we perform for American audiences we want them to experience our culture like they were back in Dominica at an independence event.


We've dancing and promoting our culture since 2009.

Easy to learn

Our cultural dances are fun and easy to learn.


An awesome exercise tool

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About Us

Know Your Culture (KYC) is a New Jersey based dance group focused on performing, celebrating and teaching the cultural, traditional dances of Dominica. KYC has performed at many popular Caribbean events from Dominica’s Flag raising ceremony in Connecticut, CaribFest in Virginia, Labor Day in New Your, Caribbean Tourism Week and more.

News Update

10/08/2019 - Donna Pacquette recieved an appreciation award from Know Your Culture for her passion and dedication towards the KYC dancers at the 2019 Know Your Culture Gala.


Know your Culture has a hardworking dedicated group of individuals, all committed to the continued success of the group and the promotion of Dominica’s culture by extension.

Love of Culture

Our goal is to be positive role models to our youth and to teach them about their cultural heritage.<br />Our friendly atmosphere and bountiful natural gifts that make us the nature isle.<br />As a whole our goal is to encourage togetherness within the Dominican community in the United States, especially the Tri-state area. Last but not least we hope this will keep our rich culture alive for the next generation to enjoy and pass on.

Dedicated Leaders

Sabina George Mingo - Founder/CEO<br /><br />Heather Etienne - Vice President<br /><br />Deborah Hazell-Theodore - Secretary

24X7 Access

Watch our past performances on our video archives and photo gallery.

We work in partnership with other cultural organizations. Donate to KYC

We've performed at various cultural activities across the Tri-State area.